The Importance of a Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October 23, 2021

The Importance of a Cyber Security Month

As October comes to a close, it is important to reflect upon the importance and significance of having a cybersecurity awareness month. In the era of massive data breaches and ransomware attacks, it is no surprise that massive corporations and small businesses alike are buckling down on cybersecurity. Many organizations are taking steps to implement both cybersecurity practices and training for their employees. However, many places are still neglecting to update their practices to defend against these modern threats. Thus, it is important for us to host a cybersecurity month in order to raise awareness for everyone - from individuals to businesses alike.

Although the majority of people have some superficial awareness of the dangers of cybercrime, many tend to assume that these attacks are rare and far between. Most people just assume that these attacks will not happen to them, since they have not yet been directly affected by cybercrimes. It remains an abstract threat in their minds since often the damages of cybercrime may  not even be tangible items or losses. While it is ideal for individuals and organizations to not be victims of theft or breaches, it also drives complacency. Ignoring the rising threat of cyberattacks will not make them go away or keep you protected. In fact, cybercrime is on the rise and will only continue to become more common as technology progresses and cybercriminals become more advanced. So the question becomes - how can we help organizations and people to understand such a large and complex concept?

The month of October is uniquely dedicated to educating and spreading awareness surrounding the topic of cybersecurity and cybercrime. Oftentimes it is not that people don’t care about protecting their data, but rather that it seems more out of their control than it is. Many individuals and organizations tend to discount problems because it either does not directly impact them or they are unaware of their ability to prevent theft or breaches. Not only do individuals have to consider their own personal security but large organizations must also take preventative measures to protect their business. Here are some things businesses can implement and consider:

1. Staying informed.

This can apply to both individuals and businesses, all users need to know about active threats and how to keep their systems and data protected against them. This can include staying updated on the current and most common types of security threats or talking to a cybersecurity organization on how you can optimize the security of your workspace. Speaking with a cybersecurity professional can help you gain better insights on what areas you need to improve in or what practices you may need to implement.

2. Training and Education

Keeping your employees trained and educated can help to reduce the risk of data breaches faced by your company. When employees are able to recognize red flags and scams, it helps to save money for your businesses in the long run by preventing costly mistakes. However, it is important that this training is not only thorough but also is continuous as cybersecurity is a constantly changing landscape. It is critical that business provide continuous support for their employees in order to ensure overall safety. Read our blog post on employee training here to learn more.

Even beyond a business level, individuals can also take many steps to keep themselves informed about threats and proper cybersecurity practices. A good place to start is by reading our blog posts and learning as much as you can about cyberthreats!

3. Keeping updated

Cybersecurity is not something that you should only be aware of for the month of October. Rather, this is an ongoing practice that needs to be continuously updated as cybersecurity is a fast-changing landscape. This means that you need to continuously ensure that you have the most up to date information available as well as the best security protocols in place.

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