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Managed IT to Cyber Security

Our story starts in 2013, within the walls of a Managed IT company by the name of Techtone. As an IT provider, Techtone was always ahead of the curve. By 2018, Techtone established itself as a leader in IT services, with a great deal of focus on Cyber Security. Techtone's Cyber Security division had to respond to the rapid growth of cyber threats. On January 2020, its Cyber Security division spun-off into a new company: Cyber Unit

At Cyber Unit, we believe that the best in Cyber Security should be accessible to any-sized business.


Best-In Class Cyber Security

We handpick the absolute best Cyber Security solutions, fully manage them for you, to provide peace of mind.

Cyber Unit works with a limited number of carefully vetted vendors and takes care of all the details - monitoring, onboarding, servers, etc., we got it all covered for you.

What Clients Are Saying

Cyber Unit helped give our team a better understanding of the importance of Cyber Security. They are always there for us.

What Clients Are Saying

There is a way of delivering excellent service that makes a client feel like they are the only one...I feel like this on every call.

What Clients Are Saying

Having this monitoring and extra security gives me so much peace of mind when dealing with sensitive material.