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Stay Updated, Stay Safe

Keeping your systems up-to-date is one of the most important measures to staying secure.

Cyber Unit can help you to update your major software and automate your updates so that you never miss out on important system updates. Streamline your business today with Cyber Unit.

Cyber Unit provides personalized support and consulting services for your business. Stay up to date today with Cyber Unit.

Patching & Update Automation

There is never a good time to click that Update button, but we cannot stress how important it is nowadays. At least once a month we are faced with a major zero-day vulnerability that can take down an entire company. It has gotten out of control and leaving it up to employees to do their own updates jeopardizes your operations.

Let's work together to ensure backups are done in an automated fashion and around your schedule.

What Clients Are Saying

Cyber Unit helped give our team a better understanding of the importance of Cyber Security. They are always there for us.

What Clients Are Saying

There is a way of delivering excellent service that makes a client feel like they are the only one...I feel like this on every call.

What Clients Are Saying

Having this monitoring and extra security gives me so much peace of mind when dealing with sensitive material.