Are you ready for the next attack?

We take care of cyber attacks before they happen so you can take care of business.

Be prepared for an attack

Professionals and small businesses are prime—and popular—targets for hackers.

Designed for you

Cyber Protect is a top enterprise-grade security solution tailored for professionals and small businesses.

Secure your digital entries

You have locks and security for the doors of your office; we'll do the same for your organization's vital data.

Secure any business

Cyber security isn’t one size fits all. That’s why we offer customized solutions for professionals and small businesses like yours.

Easy to try

Try Cyber Protect for 1-month, our premier cyber security solution.

Priced just right

Our top enterprise-grade security monitoring is packaged with affordability and scalability in mind.

Enterprise-grade cyber security for any sized business

Focus on your bottom line

* Daily Dark Web Monitoring included with 5+ employees

Solutions for professionals

Accountants ⟶

Store years of client data with confidence.

Lawyers ⟶

Avoid fear of a legal breach by cyber criminals.

Doctors ⟶

Focus on saving lives, not thwarting hackers.

Brokers ⟶

Don’t let a competitor into your files.

Small businesses ⟶

Protect yourself and your clients from cyber crime.

Prevent and protect with peace of mind.

Why Cyber Unit?

Our security solutions, Cyber Protect and Cyber Scan, are tailor made to provide top enterprise-grade protection for professionals and small businesses.

The Cyber Unit difference

With Cyber Protect and Cyber Scan, we offer next level protection from cyber attacks in packages and pricing options that are accessible to smaller organizations. We believe that protecting your data is a big deal, no matter the size of your business.

Try Cyber Protect

When it comes to your business being targeted by cyber criminals, it's not a question of if, but when. Prepare yourself and protect your confidential data today by trying Cyber Protect for 1-month. You’ll see how easy we make it to keep your files safe and secure—so you can focus on taking care of business.

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What Cyber Unit customers have to say

See how our security solutions have helped real businesses:

"Cyber Unit provides peace of mind by protecting our clients’ sensitive information and offering ongoing support."


"We handle sensitive data and cannot afford to do it without Cyber Unit by our side."

Financial Services

"When Cyber Unit showed us how they protect every aspect of our business, we knew that we could finally be at ease"

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