Why Your Employees Need Cybersecurity Training

August 11, 2021

Why Your Employees Need Cybersecurity Training

Cybercrime has been on a continuous rise in the past few years. Amidst the pandemic, 90% of companies faced an increase in cyberattacks, especially since many companies began to support remote working. This is true for all areas of cybercrime including ransomware, malware and social engineering attacks (ex. Phishing, baiting, etc). There are constant reports of large corporations being infected by cybercriminals - including the attacks on JSB and the Colonial Pipelines. In fact, the projected cost of cyber attacks could rise to $6 trillion yearly by the end of 2021. Cybercrime can prevent businesses from operating at their typical capacity and can cause long-lasting damage. Especially for small businesses, many are unable to recover from the damage that a cyberattack causes. Clearly there is a large need for cybersecurity training for businesses in order to help mitigate these crimes that are only on the rise. 

How Well Are Employees Trained Right Now?

Despite this clear need for Statistics show that a lack of employee training leads workers to use weak and predictable passwords (i.e. “QWERTY”, “12345”, etc). This can be incredibly harmful as 63% of all organizational internal data breach is the result of compromised usernames and passwords. Many employees are not receiving the cybersecurity training that they desperately need.

Even worse, a survey conducted by TalentLMS and Kenna Security found that even employees that had received cybersecurity training from their employers were not able to pass a basic quiz. It seems that even when employees are getting the training, the training does not adequately support their needs. 

Why is it Important to Train Your Employees?

Keeping your employees trained and educated can help to reduce the risk of data breaches faced by your company. When employees are able to recognize red flags and scams, it helps to save money for your businesses in the long run by preventing costly mistakes. However, it is important that this training is not only thorough but also is continuous as cybersecurity is a constantly changing landscape. It is critical that business provide continuous support for their employees in order to ensure overall safety. 

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