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“We are a professional services firm and must maintain client confidences. We faced a ransomware demand and costly rebuild of our server. We then hired Cyber Unit.

All attempted hacks since then have been repelled. Having Cyber Unit on our side is like having an Iron Dome for cyber security."
Get comprehensive coverage for every employee, network, and device.

Computer, Email, and mobile

Cutting edge cyber security

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Comprehensive Dark Web monitoring that covers your entire company.

Identity monitoring

Leaked password notifications

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Enterprise-grade cyber security for any sized business

Focus on your bottom line

* Daily Dark Web Monitoring included with 5+ employees

Preventing disaster

Protecting your networks, devices, programs and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access is our top priority, and we engage the same security solutions as major organizations (including government and military) to keep your confidential data safe.

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Built-in intelligence

To stay ahead of tech-savvy hackers, AI technology is built right into the core of our product to ensure any potential threat is detected instantly. A team of real people is ready around the clock to monitor and notify you of any action you need to take.

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Straightforward support

From a pricing structure that’s easy to understand to company-wide cyber security training opportunities and more, we’re here for you and your business. We want to remove your cyber security concerns so you can focus on your business.

24/7 detection and prevention is here.

The best security for less than the cost of your daily coffee.

World-class solutions

Next-level security made accessible to small businesses.

Early warning signal

Instant notifications help protect IP and customer data.

Robust response

Automatic forensics analyses aid in resolving attacks.

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