Why You Should Avoid Using SMS

October 15, 2021

Why You Should Avoid SMS

It is important for users to always be aware of which platforms they are using and how each platform is keeping their private information secure. SMS, or text messaging, is incredibly vulnerable - messages are not encrypted and can be seen by your carrier or anyone they choose to share it with. This post will cover the dangers of using SMS and better alternatives for you to implement in your daily life. 

How Vulnerable is SMS?

Recently, a major SMS routing company was the victim of a five year hack which allowed unauthorized access to their network databases. There was a possibility for attackers to access users’ messages and violate their privacy. Although the response for the company states that damage was limited, there is still cause for concern, especially since it shows how vulnerable companies can be to attacks. 

SMS are not encrypted either, meaning that in transit, they can be read by anyone - this includes your carrier and anyone else they may share this information with. Companies also tend to keep copies of users’ chat sessions stored on servers, which can then be hacked or exposed. This leaves SMS users incredibly vulnerable to outside users viewing their private messages. Not only are your messages vulnerable to hackers but companies are also increasingly trying to track users and read their messages. It is more important than ever to find ways to keep your messages private. 

What You Should Do

Instead of using SMS, we recommend that you use encrypted messaging platforms such as iMessage, Signal or WhatsApp. These applications aim to better protect their users by ensuring that your chats, calls, and videos are private and secure. Encryption software means that any third-party trying to intercept your messages will be unable to read them. 

More Questions?

If you have any other questions regarding cybersecurity or are concerned that your information has been breached, feel free to reach out to talk to one of our professionals today

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