Why You and Your Employees Need Mobile Security

December 24, 2020

Is Mobile Security That Important?

The short answer is yes!

Take a minute to think about what a cybercriminal could gain access to if they got into your smart phone.

They could potentially breach your:

- work emails

- sensitive data

- contacts

- messages

- apps

- microphone

- stored passwords

- financial information

... And so much more!

These days, especially during the pandemic, many companies allow their employees to work on their personal smart phones. The danger surrounding this is the fact that corporate data is now accessible through mobile devices which typically don't have strong security measures put in place.

Without a proper multi-layered security plan, how can you detect if an employee has a potentially malicious app on their phone that could breach your company data? It's very difficult.

Smart phones often connect to different WiFi networks some being private and some being public. When joining public networks, there is higher cyber risk as many cybercriminals are able to breach devices and sensitive data through public networks.

Alongside this, for individuals who do online banking, or access confidential files on mobile devices, it's really important to use these apps and programs securely. Cybercriminals know that mobile devices generally have less security put in place and they use that to their advantage.

Long story short, we're entering 2021 and proper cybersecurity should be your top priority with cyberattacks increasing 300% in 2020 alone. This includes mobile security for you and your employees as so many of us are working through our personal mobile devices.

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