Why We Need Ethical Hackers

January 29, 2021

What Is An Ethical Hacker?

The word hacker has negative connotations heavily tied to it. The stereotype we visualize is an evil hooded person in a dark room with malicious intent to ruin and exploit other individuals online. This is not always the case however.

Firstly, many hackers are around us all the time. They look like your average person, and just like any other business, cybercrime is it's own industry and profession. Secondly, not all hackers have malicious intent. What most people don't know is that there is such thing as an ethical hacker.

An ethical hacker or a "friendly hacker" is someone who has extensive knowledge around cybersecurity systems and uses penetrative testing to invade any vulnerable areas of a company's attack surface to see how effective their defences are.

Why Do We Need Ethical Hackers?

Many companies hire ethical hackers to search their attack surface and find vulnerabilities so they can find patches and solutions to these risks before they're exploited.

Now more than ever, ethical hackers are needed within all sized companies to help fight against malicious cybercrime.

Once 5G is more popularly used, smart devices and IoT devices will become even more popular and that will lure in more cybercriminals. For businesses, this creates a greater demand for ethical hackers to find and patch vulnerabilities before they are breached.

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