Why CPA's Need Next Level Cybersecurity

January 27, 2021

Why CPA's Need Next-Level Cybersecurity

As a chartered professional accountant (CPA), you hold a great deal of important and private information that may need to be held for years on end. Cybercriminals know this and will target CPA's accordingly.

Take a minute to think about the impact of a breach of your sensitive data and files. The damage would be incalculable.

Mitigating such risk requires well thought-out security solutions, which is where Cyber Unit comes in. We offer extremely effective and affordable cybersecurity solutions for CPA's to help secure data on various computers, mobile devices, cloud, and everything in between.

Watch the video below to find out first hand from Omer Segoly, a cybersecurity specialist, why next-level cybersecurity is essential for CPA's.

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