SIM Hijacking

SIM Hijacking

SIM Card Hijacking


There are several ways your data and privacy can be breached and one of them is SIM Hijacking. SIM hijacking occurs when a hacker persuades your cell phone carrier to switch your phone number to their device instead of yours. Once done, any calls or texts will be routed to the hacker's mobile rather than your own. 


What Do Cybercriminals Use SIM Card Hijacking For?


Cybercriminals use SIM hijacking as a method to steal data and access a user's private information. Once a SIM is hijacked, attackers can typically reset passwords to sensitive accounts and gain access to it, resulting in all sorts of issues. A cybercriminal was able to steal $5 million from SIM hijacking!


SIM Hijacking is also typically used to bypass SMS multi-factor authentication. Furthermore, when the user's contacts try to message and call the user, they will receive calls and texts instead, which is extremely dangerous.  


Ways You Can Protect Yourself From SIM Card Hijacking


  • Enabling multi-factor authentication - Referring back to our multi-factor authentication blog post, it is crucial to have more than one method to access your accounts. Furthermore, Cyber Unit recommends using an app-based authenticator rather than SMS authentication for multi-factor authentication in order to avoid the risk of SIM hijacking.   

  • Contact your cellular provider (Bell, AT&T, etc.) and request to put a PIN on your account. This PIN will be required to perform any changes to your account (e.g. SIM swapping). Use a strong PIN that is not easy to guess and is not used in other accounts.


The best way to keep your devices protected is to implement a security system to protect your devices. Here at Cyber Unit we offer all types of protection, from mobile to computer protection plans. We offer customized security plans for individuals and businesses, at a price that’s right for you. We can also help you to check if your devices have been compromised. Contact us today to learn more.