Should you be using Zoom for your business?

Should you be using Zoom for your business?

Should you be using Zoom for your business?

With their fast, easy, efficient, free services, Zoom has become one of the top applications for video communications with over 300 million daily users.

Zoom’s popularity, however, has led them to be a big target for hackers and it has also revealed a lot of security issues associated with the application. 

These issues revolve around privacy with false encryption on calls, abilities to record calls secretively, and Zoom bombing, which is essentially when someone can drop in on your call and spew unwarranted offensive content. 

Most of these issues have been resolved, however, it appears Zoom’s preventative measures need work, as most issues are resolved after they affect the majority of users.

Is Zoom safe and secure to use?

For confidential meetings and sharing private information with others, Zoom may not be the best platform to use. 

If this is the case, try using Signal, Whatsapp, or Microsoft Teams for a more secure video conferencing experience. 

If you are using Zoom make sure to follow these security tips to keep your important data safe.

  • Enable multi/two-factor authentication on your account for security purposes in addition to a strong unique password for your login

  • Use zoom through your browser web interface as it is more secure, it operates within security guidelines of your “browser sandbox” 

  • If you download the app, make sure you keep it up to date and ensure to only download it from either Zoom’s website or the official app store

  • Take advantage of the ‘waiting rooms’ feature to screen who’s entering the call

  • Only share conference links directly with invitees, don’t post on forums

  • Setup password protection for every meeting to prevent Zoom bombing

  • Avoid using the same invite for different meetings