Should You Be Covering Your Webcam?

Should You Be Covering Your Webcam?

Am I Being Watched Through My Webcam?

While it is very possible for your webcam to be hacked by a cybercriminal who attempts to spy on you remotely, it is highly unlikely.

However, if you’re prone to opening suspicious attachments, links, software, or files, you could be downloading malware or spyware that allows cybercriminals to gain access to your webcam.

We’re starting to see more trends of IoT webcams getting breached. These include items such as baby monitors, home security cameras, and many other new tech items that are connected to Wi-Fi networks.

With more technology being linked to our home networks, it is much easier for a cybercriminal to breach your network and potentially gain access to your smart devices.

What Should I Do To Reduce My Risk?

If you use smart home devices, having segregated networks may help reduce your risk of a breach. It may be beneficial to keep a separate network strictly for your security cameras and smart devices so if your network faces a breach, it will not spread to all of your devices as easily.

And to be extra cautious, it is a good practice to cover your computer web camera when you’re not using it and ensure you have multi-layered security protection to monitor for suspicious activity.