Segregating Your Home Network

February 12, 2021

Segregating Your Home Network

Think about all of the devices in your house that are connected to your home network...

Some examples would be your computer, phone, TV, coffee machine, vacuum, printer, doorbell, security cameras, smart fridge, video game consoles, speakers, lights, locks, dog collars, washing machine, cars, and the list goes on and on!

Now think about the impact on all your devices if one of them gets breached and infiltrates your home network. That could be disastrous. Many of these devices and smart items don't have security put in place, so it's a good practice to eliminate the ones that are not essential and to segregate your network.

What You Can Do

We're constantly giving out our home wifi password out to guests or even strangers/service people who come over and need to access the internet. These people are all able to then access your many connected devices if they wanted to. That's why it's crucial to only give your wifi password out to people you trust. Alongside this, it's important to use a strong wifi password and to change it at least every 6 months to avoid any unwanted network visitors coming back after months.

We have had clients that have previously come to us after their home network was breached. If the cybercriminal knows your wifi password which is typically very simple word, your whole home network could be compromised.

To avoid a breach like this, try separating your network into multiple networks that each have a unique password. If one of those networks gets breached, only a few devices may get compromised as opposed to your whole network. This is called network segregation. An example is maybe keeping all of your IoT devices on one network, your work devices on another, and your mobile devices on another.

These are the small changes you can incorporate into your cybersecurity practices that make a big difference. Each time you make a cyber-smart adjustment to your practices, that's another level of security added to you, your family, and your business.

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