Receiving Calls From A Number Similar To Yours?

December 14, 2020

Why Am I Receiving Calls From A Number Similar To Mine?

If you're getting strange phone calls from numbers that seem local or even have similar digits to your phone number, you are experiencing a type of phone scam called 'Neighbour Spoofing.'

Phone scammers use the guise of a local phone number to capture your attention and get you to pick up the phone so they can validate that you have an active phone number. Sometimes they disguise their caller ID phone number as a local business or even potentially someone you know.

Typically, a pre-recorded message will play when you pick up the phone, sometimes this will a message in a different language. Once the cybercriminal knows your phone number is active, your number may experience an increase in scam calls from similar numbers.

So if you're wondering why you're getting more and more calls from these numbers, it's probably a result of answering one of them.

How Can I Get Them To Stop Calling Me?

It's really important to not answer neighbour spoofing calls, as it will let cybercriminals know that your number is active and that in turn opens up further risk of you getting scammed.

So, If you see an incoming call with a number you aren't familiar with or it seems odd, the best practice is to not answer it.

If the call is coming from a doctor, bank, or local store, best practice is to not answer, verify their phone number from their website first and then call them back.

If it is a legitimate person trying to reach you, they most likely would leave a voice mail.

If you're getting a lot of calls right now, continue to block those numbers and don't answer new ones that come in. Eventually they will stop coming.

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