Off-Site Back-Ups And Data Storage Tips For Your Business

Off-Site Back-Ups And Data Storage Tips For Your Business

Off-Site Back-Ups And Data Storage Tips For Your Business

These days there is a plethora of websites, apps, platforms, operating systems, and technological tools made available to us for all business purposes. Some are tailored specifically to a certain purpose or provide a distinct service such as company email inboxes, while others are formed with many subcategories that cover a broad spectrum of features. A couple of popular examples of these larger umbrella platforms for businesses right now are Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces.

Many businesses and organizations utilize Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces for easier and accessible email usage, communication, and data storage with everything being in one user-friendly place.

What's The Downside?

These platforms are highly reliable and extremely efficient for many businesses, however, we’ve noticed that with these great features, comes an over-reliance on these tools. What we’re seeing is a lot of businesses putting all of their eggs in one basket or essentially storing all company data on these platforms without having proper back-ups in place. The issue with this is that if even one single breach were to occur on your business’s systems, all of your data could get compromised.

Additionally, something that many do not realize when signing up for these platforms is that in the fine print of the terms and conditions, there is shared responsibility clauses in place. What this means is that if any incident were to occur, these platforms may not be responsible for your data loss and you’re essentially on your own for figuring out a recovery plan.

Here’s an example, Microsoft 365 may have a clause in their terms and conditions stating that if an incident were to occur, they would be responsible for X, however, you will take responsibility for any account breach, data loss, or compromised systems. Again, this is why it is crucial for you and your business to not put all your eggs in one basket.

What Should You Do?

Think about all of the different types of data you store in these digital online environments. Ask yourself, if a breach were to occur on this platform, would all be lost? Ensure you’re not relying on that one system for everything because incidents do happen and they happen more often than most would think.

We recommend doing regular off-site backups for all systems, data, and email services. Ideally, these back-ups would be scheduled on a secure automated basis.

Off-site automated back-ups are a service we can help you with. Cyber Unit is dedicated to focusing on the small security details that often get overlooked. With our expertise and affordable services, you can have peace of mind and get back to business.

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