Next-Generation Antivirus Vs. Traditional Antivirus

Next-Generation Antivirus Vs. Traditional Antivirus

Next-Generation Antivirus vs. Traditional Antivirus


The year 2020 broke all records when it came to data breaches and the sheer volume of cyber-attacks on businesses, governments, and individuals. Furthermore, developing technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as increasing tactical coordination among hacker organizations, have enhanced the sophistication of threats.


To stay safe & secure in today's digital world, it is critical to grasp the difference between Next-Generation Antivirus and traditional antivirus solutions.


Next-Generation Antivirus


Next-Generation Antivirus solutions (e.g. SentinelOne) prevent all types of attacks, known and unknown, by monitoring & securing devices both online or offline. 'Unknown' is the key word here.


Next-Generation Antivirus solutions go beyond established file-based malware signatures and teach itself how to combat unknown threats such as:


  • Respond to previously unnoticed and new developing threats.


  • Collect and analyze comprehensive endpoint data to determine causes.


  • Detect and prevent fileless attacks, which are becoming more common.


Traditional Antivirus


Traditional Antivirus solutions (e.g. Norton, AVG, McAfee) are used to prevent, detect, and remove known threats from computers and other IT systems.


Traditional antivirus solutions have been around for a long time and have proven to be successful in identifying and guarding against known threats over the years.


Traditional antivirus protection relies on a database of previously seen threats. Based on what it knows about the dangers, the software evaluates if a given file/program is good or bad.


Why Traditional Antivirus Solutions Are No Longer Effective?


What distinguishes Next-Generation Antivirus solutions from traditional antivirus solutions is how different both respond to unknown and emerging threats as well as known malware. A Next-Generation Antivirus solution can recognize threats and detect zero-day attacks, which has never been seen before. This is something traditional antivirus solutions are not capable of doing as they rely on a database of known malware.

Well-equipped attackers know exactly where to look for flaws and vulnerabilities in a company's network security and can easily get through traditional antivirus solutions. In fact, most traditional antivirus solutions can be turned off by attackers at a click of a button!


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