Managing Your Attack Surface

Managing Your Attack Surface

Managing Your Attack Surface

Your business relies on many different systems to operate, some of which are more important than others. 

From an overarching point of view, your system as a whole has many potential entry points for cybercriminals to infiltrate, which is why it’s important to eliminate any component that is not deemed absolutely essential for you or your business. The more components, the wider the attack surface.

To reduce your attack surface, consider eliminating any tools, applications, devices, hardware, and software in your environment that is not 100% essential.

Once your environment is compromised, cybercriminals can cause major damage. This includes stolen or leaked data, installation of ransomware, extortion, fraud, identity theft, different forms of malware, and much more. 


For small to medium-sized businesses, a single breach could be the end of the road. This can also be the case for larger companies. Not only is it extremely damaging and expensive to recover from a breach, but it could ruin your business reputation and tarnish client trust. 



Here’s What You Can Do

If you can limit the size of your attack surface, you will simultaneously reduce your risk of a future breach.


First thing’s first, you need to identify the vulnerabilities in your system. We can help you with that. 


Cyber Unit’s team of skilled security experts can scan your systems to see where potential vulnerabilities lie.

Our team will then be able to find solutions and patches to the weak spots in your systems and ultimately help you limit your attack surface. Alongside that, we will help monitor your systems and devices so if anything suspicious pops up, you get notified right away. 


Here are some suggestions that we’ve provided to past clients who needed help managing their attack surface:


  • Clear out old or outdated systems, devices, hardware, software, certificates, code, etc.

  • Set up regular scans and monitoring for early detection

  • Limit employee and client access points

  • Provide security awareness training to employees around safe security practices

  • Maintain regular and diversified data backups

  • Create a cyberattack response plan for varying forms of attacks

  • Segregate your network so all systems won’t be impacted in the event of a breach

  • Have proper cybersecurity protection in place 

We know it can be a lot, but that's why we're here to guide you through all of these adjustments. Our plans are affordable and can be tailored specifically to you and your business needs.

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