Why You Need To Know About Man-In-The-Middle Attacks

November 7, 2020

What Is A Man-In-The-Middle Attack?

Do you use SMS messaging to share corporate data or private information? You might want to find a more secure messaging platform that has end-to-end encryption. Why's that? Well you may not realize the importance of end-to-end encryption, but it ensures your messages stay private through creating codes that make it difficult for cybercriminals to uncover.

Without end-to-end encryption, cybercriminals have easy access to infiltrating your messages, resulting in them potentially stealing your information, sending messages on your behalf, sending you false messages from someone else, or simply block messages between you and whoever you're trying to contact. This infiltration is called a man-in-the-middle attack and they are more common than you think.

I Don't Use SMS Messaging So I'm Safe Right?

Wrong! Man-in-the-middle attack is when a potentially dangerous interceptor attempts to go undetected when interfering with your communication with others.

Here's a recent example of a man-in-the-middle bluetooth attack. A recent Bluetooth vulnerability had been revealed showcasing how potential hackers could access your data and information within wireless range (300-800 ft) and alter communications between your devices and others without you knowing.

How Do You Prevent a Man-In-The-Middle Attack?

1. Keep your devices and apps up to date

2. Keep your Bluetooth turned off whenever possible

3. Avoid using public wifi for work or banking activity on your device

4. Use secure messaging platforms that have end-to-end encryption such as Whatsapp

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