Keeping it simple and secure with Microsoft Teams

Keeping it simple and secure with Microsoft Teams

In recent months, companies have had to adopt to a remote workforce environment. Many different solutions have been gaining popularity for video calling, meetings, chat, and collaboration. While each solution boasts its own benefits, paying for such services on a per user basis adds up. Not only that, but from a security standpoint it means you have more data spread across various systems, which opens further avenues for compromise.

A solution that aims to remedy this is Microsoft Teams. Along with all the expected functions of meetings, video conferencing etc., Microsoft Teams allows for managers to create, assign, and manage tasks for your team. Moreover, documents related to a specific project can be maintained within channels and automatically sync with SharePoint or OneDrive as needed.

Additionally, 3rd party integrations can also be added for various CRM systems and other productivity tools. But attention is required to ensure these are connected securely.

Teams apps are available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices so collaboration can happen anywhere.

Best of all It’s all connected via a single Microsoft 365 account, which should be setup with a strong password and Multi-Factor Authentication, ensuring a better security posture for your organization.

The best practices for better collaboration with Teams include configuration of access settings to ensure that the sensitive information is secured. Microsoft does enforce team-wide and organization-wide two-factor authentication, single sign-on through Active Directory, and encryption of data in transit and at rest. Files stored in SharePoint and Notes are backed by encryption. Is Microsoft Teams completely secure? No. But following a shared responsibility model is the right way to control the Teams ecosystem.


You do need to have a steady fast internet connection to have the best user experience within teams and it is available to try free of charge.

A personal or business related Microsoft Account.

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