Is Your Security Camera Watching You?

Is Your Security Camera Watching You?

Is Your Security Camera Watching You?

Just like any other device, home security cameras and baby monitors can get hacked. You could be getting watched in your own home by systems you've installed and you may not even realize it.

There are 2 ways a hacker could gain access to your home security cameras and other smart home devices. The first way is through local access.

This means that the hacker is within a certain proximity to your home wireless network. If they are within range, they could attempt guessing your WiFi password or they could attempt to spoof the network which could jam the real network. If a hacker gains access to your network, they can easily hack into your home security system and cameras.

The second method of attack is through remote hacking into your network which is the method we see more incidents occur from. Whenever a data breach happens, sensitive information, credentials, and passwords often get leaked. If you're using the same password for many systems including your home network or security cameras, this could be a way for cybercriminals to hack into your systems.

Outdated Technology

If you're using older and outdated security cameras, the security on them is significantly weaker than the newer technology that is on the market today. Older technology will have little to no encryption in place and some may not even have the ability to have a password in place. This is why it is crucial to keep your hardware and software updated always.

4 signs of a compromised home security camera

  • Strange sounds or voices coming from the camera

Some hackers want to make their presence known. In some cases, they will try to scare individuals with their ability to communicate with them vocally. This is definitely a sign of a compromised camera.

  • Indicator light flickering oddly

Many cameras will have a small indicator light that lets users know when the camera is in use. If you notice that the light is on while it shouldn't be, this could indicate a breached system and you'll want to look into it.\

  • Changed camera position

Notice any panning or tilting changes from your security camera? This could be an indication that someone may have hacked into your camera and is potentially watching you.

  • Changed password

Is your password no longer working to access your security system? This could be a sign that your systems have been compromised and your password has been changed to lock you out.

  • Strange and frequent login history

If you notice strange and frequent attempts in the login history of your security system's account, this could mean someone is trying to access your account or they may already have and are frequently going in and out of your system.

Keeping Your Home Security Cameras Secure

There have been some pretty bad horror stories of people being spied on in their homes from their own security systems that were breached. In some instances, these videos involved inappropriate behaviour that was later leaked online.

Here are 5 tips you should follow if you use a home security camera:

- Ensure you're buying your security camera from a reputable source

- Try to find a camera with strong end-to-end encryption

- Use multi-factor authentication on the device account

- Create a strong and unique password for access to your camera's system

- Keep all software and hardware up to date

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