How You Can Prevent Malicious Emails

February 1, 2021

How You Can Prevent Malicious Emails

It's very common to receive emails with malicious intent, but it isn't always easy to detect them when they come. One wrong click and all of your sensitive data could be compromised. That includes your company data; can you imagine having all of your employee, company, and client information released to a cybercriminal?

Watch this short video to find out what you can do to avoid falling victim to phishing and other types of malicious email attacks.

Although these tips are great educational tools and practices for preventing you or your employees from falling victim to malicious emails, it's time consuming and difficult to catch every single suspicious email. Don't worry though, we have a great and efficient solution for you!

Cyber Unit provides next-level email protection amongst many other security services. Our email protection monitors all incoming emails to our clients and ensures that anything remotely suspicious gets flagged down.

We ensure our clients are notified that the email could contain malicious intent so they know in advance to be cautious when viewing it. This significantly reduces the risk of being breached, plus it saves you time so you can get back to business.

Here's an example of how our email security notifications will appear on a suspicious email:

Our email security is one of the most popular services we provide. We've been able to prevent thousands of attacks against our clients and the numbers are growing each day!

Prices start as low as $9 a month, click HERE to find out more.

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