How To Ransom-proof Your Backups

How To Ransom-proof Your Backups

How To Ransom-proof Your Backups

It's crucial to backup sensitive data especially for your business or company. Having backups for all your important files is crucial incase the original is breached, but the one downside is now there are multiple copies of your information and that gives more opportunities for one of them to get compromised.

Cybercrime is increasing exponentially and our backups are now very prone to breaches. With Ransomware becoming the most commonly seen cybercrime, you need to ransom-proof your backups.

So What's The Best Way to Ransom-proof My Backups?

A multilayered approach is the best way to protect your backups against ransomware.

Local backups are fast, efficient and can be easily accessed whenever required. However, local backups are vulnerable to ransomware, which can potentially spread across your network.

While offsite storage solutions are generally less convenient, they are more isolated from the company network and are therefore considered more reliable in the event of ransomware and other incidents.

Using a blend of local and offsite backups provides the best of both worlds.

Here are some tips for ransom-proofing your backups:

1. Keep at least three copies of your files.

2. Store the copies on at least two different types of storage media.

3. Store at least one copy offsite.

4. Encrypt your backups if possible.

5. Test your backups regularly.