How To Properly Dispose of Old Devices

April 7, 2021

How To Properly Dispose of Old Devices

We all have old technology we no longer use, but what should we do with it now?

Sometimes we’ll give old devices away to family members or we may try to resell or donate them. In some cases however, we just toss old technology in the trash.

What many fail to realize is that in many instances, our private information still lingers on our old devices and if that information were to fall into the wrong hands, it could potentially be very problematic.

From a business or organization's perspective, staying up-to-date on the latest technology is common, but it also means high turnover on devices that have held or still hold company data.

Cybercriminals are very aware that people or businesses tend to throw out or give away old devices. Cybercriminals will specifically target those devices to search for any remnants of sensitive data.

If your information gets into the wrong hands, your systems or networks could get compromised. That's why it's crucial for you to dispose of old technology and devices safely.

Wiping Your Data

Before giving away or disposing old devices, be sure to wipe all data properly to avoid having your personal/sensitive information stolen down the road.

Many places that take old technology may claim that they wipe the devices clean for you, but it's often not guaranteed. For peace of mind, seek a reputable electronic recycling company that provides certified hard drive destruction.

Environmental Impact

Donating and selling old devices is a great option for many, as a lot of old technology still has some life to live.

If the hardware on your old device is no longer usable, ensure you're disposing of it properly. Instead of chucking the pieces into the garbage, take the time to find a proper e-waste disposal centre. If you're having trouble finding a place to properly recycle your old devices, try bringing it to places like Best Buy as they take old parts and either reuse them or dispose of them in a safe and sustainable way.

Alongside the hardware and parts, batteries are another part that needs to be disposed of properly.

Batteries contain biohazardous materials such as arsenic and lead, both of which can be environmentally damaging if leaked. The small act of throwing batteries into the trash can actually cause major environmental impacts, so be sure to take them to proper disposal centres if they're no longer in use.

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