How Adware Could Impact Your Business

December 28, 2020

How Adware Could Impact Your Business

I'm sure all of us have seen automated ads pop up on any website or app we're using, and most of the ads are for legitimate products and services, but some have malicious intent behind them.

Adware is dangerous because it is automatically displayed or downloaded onto your device when you are online, sometimes without you knowing. The type of software the developer uses creates advertising material displayed through online or through an app which ultimately generates revenue for the developer if it's viewed or clicked on.

Here's A Recent Example

A few months ago, 21 apps on the official Google Play Store which had over 7 million downloads were found to be infected with malicious adware. Many of these apps were games targeted to kids. If a curious child were to click on a malicious ad, their parents could be in trouble!

These apps were released on the official Google Play Store months before and the adware issue had gone undetected until much later.

How Could Adware Impact My Business?

With more and more employees working remotely and using personal devices for work, the higher the risk is for a breach in your company data. If one employee downloaded a malicious app unintentionally and clicked adware that popped up on the app, your company's sensitive data could get compromised.

We often hear about phishing scams mostly through emails, but adware is a type of phishing scam that can pop up anywhere online or on your apps. One faulty click, and it's over.

What You Should Do to Prevent Adware

  • Install an Ad Blocker extension for your browser

  • Do not download apps from suspicious sources

  • Do not click on any ads that pop up

  • Keep your employees educated on these issues so they're aware

  • Limit the apps you download, delete any unnecessary or outdated apps

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