Hit By Ransomware? Here's What You Should Do

January 13, 2021

Hit By Ransomware?

Ransomware is on the rise especially with more individuals and businesses moving online. In 2020, we saw huge increases in online activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and heading into 2021 and future years, we should expect those numbers to soar even higher.

For those who are unfamiliar with ransomware, it is a type of cyberattack that occurs when a cybercriminal is able to get a hold of some sensitive data or they have infiltrated your systems and they're holding it hostage unless you pay large sums of money or give more sensitive data to them in return.

Sometimes the cybercriminal may have incriminating or humiliating information about you or your business and they use blackmail to get what they want from you.

Here's What You Should Do

You may not be worried right now, but falling victim to a ransomware attack could be extremely costly and detrimental to your business and reputation.

Not only are ransomware attacks common, but they're becoming almost inevitable. Why is ransomware so common? Well, lot's of people end up paying the ransom to get their files and information back and this shows how effective the attack is. Cybercriminals see that this tactic works, so they continue to do so.

So what do you do if a cybercriminal steals your private data and demands huge sums of money to get it back? The urgency and fear can create pressure to pay the criminal right away, but this does not guarantee that the criminal will delete your data or necessarily prevent them from releasing it publicly.

If you get hit by a ransomware attack, the best practice is to not pay the ransom and to get immediate help from a trusted cybersecurity service. If more and more people start paying the ransom, this motivates cybercriminals to perform more ransomware attacks as they become more effective for their monetary gain.

Many of the clients we have currently initially came to us after being hit by a ransomware attack. Our team is here to help, we can give valuable insight on next steps when this does happen, and we do our best to keep your sensitive data safe.

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