Here is Why You Need to Keep Your Systems Updated

Here is Why You Need to Keep Your Systems Updated

Advantages of Staying Up to Date

Updates to your systems ensure that your applications, devices, and software are working at the most efficient and safe versions which not only benefits your security, but it’s also much quicker and easier to get tasks done.

Developers and programmers for apps, software, and other platforms, are constantly monitoring for potential vulnerabilities such as bugs, weak points, outdated features, and other malicious activity. Their patches will be implemented in new updates and if you perform these updates regularly, this can help close your systems off to those potential malicious cyber threats.

Delaying Updates

Remember, it only takes one point of entry for a cybercriminal to gain access into your systems.

This is why it’s crucial to keep all of your applications, devices, software, and systems up to date, not just your most important systems. You could have 90% of your systems kept up to date, but if you have one outdated app on your device, you could find yourself facing a breach.

Think about all of the private files, sensitive documents, contact and client information, financial and government credentials, passwords, and all of the other valuable information kept on your devices. If one singular breach occurs, you could have all of your data leaked or stolen. This could be an extremely costly, time-consuming, and stressful experience and alongside that, there's no guarantee that you’ll be able to recover fully.

Breaches and attacks on your systems don’t only affect you, but it could also have a negative impact on your family’s online systems or coworkers’ information. So, by delaying updates and opening up your system to potential attacks, you could be putting not only yourself but the people around you at risk as well.

This is why it’s crucial to keep all of your systems updated and to ensure you’re following up regularly.

Keep This In Mind

If you face a data breach, your information could end up circulating the Dark Web where it could get sold to other malicious actors and possibly used against you in the future.

Another highly possible attack you could face is ransomware. Ransomware is when a cybercriminal is able to infiltrate your systems, and lock or encrypt your data demanding payment from you in exchange for your data back.

For both of these threats, we’re here to help. Cyber Unit provides Dark Web monitoring and we actively work with our clients to find potential vulnerabilities in their systems and help patch them up before any form of cyberattack can occur.