Don't Believe Everything That's Shown To You, Deepfakes Are On The Rise

December 21, 2020

Ever Hear The Term 'Deepfake'?

You’ve probably come across many 'deepfakes' already and may not have even known.

A 'deepfake' is a media clip that someone has edited, altered, and manipulated where a person in an existing image or video is replaced with someone else's likeness.

'Deepfakes' are becoming more and more common as social media's popularity grows. Social media is a huge vessel for spreading misinformation and 'deepfakes' are just one method used to shift viewers' perspectives around a certain topic.

The biggest issue that arises from 'deepfakes' are their level of believability that can persuade individuals to think one thing and potentially lead them to political, financial, and other risks.

What's An Example of a 'Deepfake'

A common one you've probably come across is seeing an image of a celebrity doing something or appearing somewhere, however, they may have just been photoshopped into the image or video by someone. This is a commonly used way to sell products or to promote specific brands which may or may not have malicious intent.

It’s important to remember that not everything you see online is necessarily legitimate, and you should always be double checking brands, companies, and people, before you engage with them. Especially nowadays with technology advancing and cybercriminals stepping up their malicious activity.

If you see an image or video of someone who you may know or are familiar with and they’re asking you to click a suspicious link or attachment, best practice is to verify with that person directly or someone else before clicking on it.

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