Cybersecurity Myths and The Real Impacts a Breach Has On Your Business

November 26, 2020

Cybersecurity Myths and The Real Impacts a Breach Has On Your Business

Cybercrime is ever rampant these days and many individuals feel that cybersecurity is not necessary. Meanwhile, every 39 seconds a new cyberattack happens. 

You may think that you have enough security through doing the bare minimum, but here are 4 cybersecurity myths you need to know about.

If you don’t think your business will suffer from a breach, you’d be mistaken. Here are 5 impacts of cybercrime for small businesses.

  • Reputation: Loss of trust from clients and stakeholders

  • Theft: loss of confidential data

  • Financial loss: the average cost of cyber crimes are $1 million. These costs are so high, most businesses are never able to recover

  • Fines: when cybercrime happens, your business may fail to comply with privacy policies and data protection legislation. These penalties can be extremely costly

  • Below the surface costs: intangible costs can continue to linger after the initial crime

Are you willing to compromise your confidential data, finances, and professional reputation?

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