Cyber Unit and Techtone have joined forces

Cyber Unit and Techtone have joined forces

Techtone, an award-winning company providing IT services since 2013, has been acquired by Cyber Unit. Since its inception in 2013, Techtone has been providing affordable, security-focused IT support to small businesses. It was during these formative years that the founder gained a true appreciation for small and growing businesses.

Fast forward to 2018, Techtone went from being a one-person shop to becoming a leader in IT Solutions, servicing clients from its growing office in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia. With a dozen IT Specialists, Techtone concentrated on providing affordable, security-focused IT services to small businesses across Canada.

Once COVID-19 became a reality, Techtone embraced a remote workforce, allowing the company to grow across the country. More importantly, Techtone got extremely effective at servicing clients remotely across North America.

After carving out a reputation for itself in the realm of cyber security, Techtone incubated a separate company called Cyber Unit. Founded in 2019, Cyber Unit offers the best in cyber security to any sized business. With custom-tailored solutions, Cyber Unit has been able to provide enterprise-grade protection to small and growing businesses. Today, Cyber Unit is amongst the top cyber security companies in Canada, and is able to take Techtone beneath its wings. Some of the cyber security solutions offered by Cyber Unit are:

Over the years, Techtone grew significantly while remaining true to its original goal: To deliver top-notch IT solutions to SMBs at a price that's right for them. A solid IT environment is one of the key pieces needed for a strong cyber security posture. With that in mind, a decision was made to merge Cyber Unit and Techtone, with both entities coming under the Cyber Unit brand and bringing the following services on board:

Cyberattacks are getting extremely sophisticated, and small businesses simply do not know who to turn to for support. Cyber Unit has had tremendous success in keeping its clients safe and secure, but we cannot stand still and must continue to innovate.

As Cyber Unit and Techtone come together, we hope to create the most exciting and innovative solutions for our customer needs. This merger serves as a great opportunity for both companies and their clients, allowing us to focus on what's important: being part of the solution.