Avoid This Facebook Phishing Scam

January 18, 2021

Avoid This Facebook Phishing Scam

Have you been getting odd messages on Facebook from friends or family saying "I think you're in this video" and then attached to that message is a strange link?

Whatever you do, do NOT click the link!

Even if the message is sent from a trusted person, there is a high likelihood that their account may have been breached.

When/if you click the link, there is no video. Instead, the link leads you to a malicious fake page asking you to confirm your Facebook login username and password.

If you fill in your login credentials on what appears to be a legitimate Facebook page, your account becomes compromised and cybercriminals are then able to send out that same malicious link to your Facebook friends on your behalf.

Chances are, your trusted friend or family member received that same message and link from someone else they know and that resulted in their account being compromised. With this phishing trend, we see how the malicious actor is then able to send out the same message and link to the contacts of the new compromised account.

What Should I Do If I Receive One Of These Messages?

Do NOT click the link if you receive any strange or out of the ordinary messages from your trusted friend or family member. If you're unsure if the link is malicious, try messaging that person on another platform such as through a text message or an Instagram direct message first to check if they sent that link themselves and if it's safe for you to click.

Sometimes the person that sent you the strange Facebook message doesn't even know that their account has been breached and is sending out these malicious links. So, if you do receive a strange potentially malicious links, you should let that person know that their account may be breached.

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