Are Mac Computers Bulletproof?

March 22, 2021

Are Mac Computers Bulletproof?

The bottom line is no computer is safe from cybercrime and that includes Macs. Arguably, Mac computers have slightly stronger built-in security than PCs as a whole, but this does not mean they are anywhere near bulletproof. In fact, in 1982, one of the first ever reported computer viruses was found targeting Apple computers.

Just like any other technology company, Apple's products are prone to breaches. The common misconception that Macs have bulletproof security built into their systems causes many individuals to let their guard down. Cybercriminals know this and specifically target Mac users for this reason.

Windows systems are slightly easier to exploit in comparison to the macOS system which relies on Unix, but no system is safe from human error. Human error contributes to over 47% of a data losses.

Recent Attacks on Mac Computers

Apple's newest computer models which rely on the new M1 chip were released in November of 2020, but already early into 2021, we're seeing that new system face malicious attacks such as the "Silver Sparrow" malware. Over 30,000 new devices have already been infected.

Alongside this, Macs have been facing an increasing number of ransomware attacks worldwide. One notorious attack labelled as "ThiefQuest" has been active since June of 2020 and it has specifically targeted Mac devices. "ThiefQuest" ransomware is known to invade a system, encrypt the files that are stored on that system, install keyloggers, and are then able to access and steal cryptocurrency wallet documents and files.

It's not only Apple users dealing with growing cyberattacks, but also Apple developers have become prime targets for cybercrime. The "EggShell Backdoor" malware is being installed through Xcode which is the platform used by Mac software developers. This backdoor attack is extremely serious as it is capable of hijacking Mac developer's camera, keyboard, and microphone, alongside stealing sensitive data.

Security Practices You Should Implement if You Own A Mac

Technology is constantly changing and cybercriminals are adapting to new vulnerabilities every second. It's crucial for you to keep all devices and systems up to date in order to prevent breaches on older models and systems. If you keep all systems updated, your risk of a breach reduces significantly as these updates typically fix exploitable bugs.

Additionally, staying up to date on current cyber trends could help reduce your chances of human error. Education truly is key to preventing a wide range of attacks. The more you know, the safer your systems stay.

Lastly, you need to layer up your security! Built-in security on Mac computers is not enough these days and that applies to PCs and other types of computers as well.

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