4 Signs That Your Smartphone Might Be Compromised

4 Signs That Your Smartphone Might Be Compromised

4 Signs That Your Smartphone Might Be Compromised

Cyberattacks have been up 300% this year and what most people don’t realize is that this includes attacks on mobile devices.

With cybercriminals becoming more sophisticated in the way they hack into mobile devices, sometimes users will not be able to tell that their device has been compromised.

How To Identify A Compromised Mobile Device:

  1. Overheating

If you often notice that your device seems to be overheating or being warmer than usual for long periods of time, there is a chance your device could be compromised. This could also just be a result of overuse, lack of storage, device age, larger apps, and many other reasons.

  1. Short-lasting battery life

Is your battery dying within a couple of hours of being unplugged from a full charge? This could be from the age of your device and other examples similar to overheating, however, it could also be an indicator that your device is breached.

  1. App and device crashes

Are your apps crashing regularly? Does your phone restart randomly and often? This could be the result of a cybercriminal on your device.

  1. Strange and suspicious apps appearing on your device

If you’re noticing strange apps on your device that you didn’t download, there is a huge chance that a cybercriminal is on your device and attempting to lure you into falling for an attack through clicking one of the malicious apps. If you notice this, do not click on the apps, and seek help.

Of course, the first three could be a result of other software or device issues, but if you’re experiencing them, it’s always good to check and be extra cautious especially if you’re using your mobile device for work and other sensitive data.

What Can You Do To Avoid This?

  1. Restart your device regularly

  1. Keep apps and your device up to date

  1. Upgrade or get rid of outdated devices that are prone to vulnerabilities

   4. Avoid clicking suspicious links as this could lead to a breach

To be extra secure, try a cybersecurity plan that scans for malicious and suspicious activity regularly. Cyber Unit has some great options for mobile protection for as low as $9 per month. Check them out here.