4 Signs of A Compromised Mobile Device

February 24, 2021

4 Signs of A Compromised Mobile Device

How can you tell if your mobile device has been compromised? We're going to share some common signs that your device could be breached so you can be aware of potential security risks.

It's more common than most would think, and for cybercriminals, hacking into mobile devices can be extremely easy and profitable. That's why you need to know the signs of a compromised device, what to do after, and how to avoid future breaches from happening.

4 signals your mobile device could be compromised:

1. Device overheating

2. Battery dying quickly and often

3. Frequent app and device crashes

4. Strange or suspicious activity on apps or device

For the first 3, these could be indicators of old technology or other hardware and software issues. It's a good practice to always monitor your mobile devices for these signals as they could potentially be indicators of a breach.

What Should You Do If Your Device is Compromised?

Come to us for help! Cyber Unit provides emergency incident response for any device. Many of our existing clients have originally came to us due to a security incident in their systems. We can find the source of the breach, patch up the vulnerability, and our next-level security plans can ensure that the breach won't happen again.

How To Avoid Future Breaches

  • Only download apps from official app stores

  • Don't click on any ads on apps

  • Avoid clicking suspicious links on your device through emails and text for example

  • Keep strong passwords on all accounts and systems

  • Remember to log out of accounts on your device before exiting the app or website

  • Keep apps and devices up to date

  • Delete apps and data on your device that you no longer use

  • Get cyber unit mobile security

If you want to be sure your device isn't being compromised, we highly suggest trying out our mobile security plan! Pricing goes as low as $9 a month!

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