Is your data on the Dark Web?

Our free Dark Web scan will give you the answer so you can take action to protect yourself.

Ongoing monitoring

Keep your data safe.

Leaked passwords

We monitor domains you own for compromised passwords.

Real-time notifications

Get notified when your passwords go for sale on the Dark Web.

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Cyber security is a big deal for your business. Scan the Dark Web now.

Extraordinary cyber security isn’t just for the big guys.

The first step toward securing your sensitive data

Our free Dark Web scan will let you know if your important information is out there so you can change passwords, notify your bank and more.

Ongoing monitoring to enhance your cyber security

The one-time scan will show you what’s out there. Then, you have the option to subscribe to our daily monitoring service, Cyber Scan.

Dark Web protection specifically for any sized business

We’ve created Cyber Scan to give you the same Dark Web monitoring that major organizations employ—for less than the price of daily latte.

Dark Web security that your business needs.

With Cyber Scan, you get comprehensive Dark Web monitoring that covers your entire company -- and beyond.

Ongoing monitoring

We scan the Dark Web daily for your private data.

Identity protection

Our identity monitoring keeps your employees safe.

Breached password detection

Your domains are closely checked for leaked passwords.

Additional security

Highly-targeted individuals get an extra layer of security.

Supply chain safety

We identify compromised supply chain partners.

You can’t afford to ignore cyber security


Average cost in damage of a data breach to a small business


Estimated cost of cybercrimes to companies in the next 5 years

8 hours

Downtime experienced by 40% of small businesses following a breach

Defended domains

We monitor your domains as well as domains of companies within your supply chain, ensuring your confidential data is secure at every level.

Early warning

By scanning the Dark Web daily for any compromised credentials or sensitive data, we can notify you immediately if there’s any cause for concern, giving you time to take the necessary steps to protect your valuable IP and customer data.

Did you know that 43% of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses?

You can’t stop hackers from coming after your business, but with Cyber Scan, you can find out whether your files, passwords, identity and more are at risk -- and then secure that data against future threats.

Try a free, one-time Dark Web scan.

See whether your data is already compromised.
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Cyber Unit’s security solutions

What real customers have to say

“...significantly strengthened”

"Cyber Unit has significantly strengthened our cyber security posture with end to end security and ongoing monitoring"

“...after a breach”

"I’ve watched competitors go out of business after a breach - Cyber Unit helps make sure this never happens to me."

“I never thought...”

"I never thought my email account would be hacked. Cyber Unit helped me clean up this mess and implement a security plan, so this never happens again."


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